Empowering your business network group with the tools for growth isn’t easy!

CashFlowsForYou Cash Flow Maximiser

Your solution to: 

  • Offer an insightful, actionable financial content to your membership program.
  • Satisfy those savvy entrepreneurial business owners eager to strategise and grow their business.
  • Allow your members to grow their networks by being connected with the best business-focused systems.

Retain your current members and attract more by offering education, perks, insights with the Cash Flow Maximiser.

Once members sign up, the Cash Flow Maximiser will:

  1. Provide straightforward, educational cash flow strategies for your members
  2. Provide clarity and understanding with digestible financial and operational insights
  3. Empower business owners with high infrastructure investments like office space leases, equipment and high salaries
  4. Understand seasonal sales cycles to make the right decisions
  5. Entice and retain members with membership perks and savings opportunities
  6. Design an improved member experience to generate energetic member morale
  7. Educate and inspire with member focused content that is actionable and educational

This limited time offer will also receive CashFlowsForYou Top 15 Tips for Improving Cash Flow

CashFlowsForYou data-driven strategies will allow your members to understand, manage, and forecast the cash flowing in and out of their business.


  • Get access to CashFlowsForYou’s proven system to clearly identify in-and-out flows for a complete cash flow picture, block the leaks, measure breakeven and see growth opportunities.
  • Save time and stress in tracking, recording, updating daily cash transactions through automation.
  • Gain greater financial understanding with a clear visuals on cash positioning, and their business as a whole.
  • Clearly see what needs to be managed and effectively plan for what’s next.
  • Identify possible areas of concern and proactively address them before it’s too late.
  • Allows them to look to the future of their business, play out different ‘what if’ scenarios and help realise the future they’re envisioning.
  • Achieve confidence to enable better decision making to accomplish business goals.
  • Get the most from your cash flow: pay your bills on time, have less write-offs, highlight areas requiring improvement, and see into the future, identifying what work is due when.
  • Maximise the profitability and growth potential associated with a well managed cash flow!

Designed specifically for individual members of your business networking groups, the Cashflow Maximiser offer combines CashFlowsForYou ‘Build it for You’ + ‘Manage it for You’ services to create the ultimate resource for SME business owners.


‘What if’ scenario planning

Report on findings, offer insights and solutions

Data extraction from bank accounts

Weekly reporting

Data manipulation

Data import to Cash Map

Weekly extraction, updates and management

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The Cash Flow Maximiser also offers an opportunity for
CashFlowsForYou Founder Louise Delaney to:

• Speak at your networking events

• Provide content for social channels on the importance of managing cash flow

• Demonstrate the CashFlowsForYou product live or virtually

• Take on trial users and report back to your group on their progress

This limited time offer will also receive

CashFlowsForYou Top 15 Tips for Improving Cash Flow