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Do you love the feeling of having CASH?

While most of us don’t love finance, we all love having money in the bank. 

As a business owner, if you don’t have clarity around how much money you have, it’s hard to get a clear picture and plan your way forward. 

This is where CashFlowsForYou can help. 

We do the hard work behind the scenes so you get a real time picture of how much cash you have, how much you owe and how much you can afford to spend. 

Once you have clarity, you can close any nasty gaps which are waiting to trip you up, prepare for growth and finally feel confident about your financial future. 

Contact us today for a free discovery call to find out how CashFlowsForYou can make managing your business money easier than ever. 

Stop the cash flow confusion!

Here’s how we help

Don’t run your business in the dark

Your cash status at a glance

Tired of being confused when it comes to your money? 

CashFlowsForYou helps you see the light, giving you weekly access to the most important numbers in your business. 

You’ll get personal service and support so you’re not running on gut instinct and you know your business will be there tomorrow.  

It’s like having a personal trainer for your money… just without the push ups!

Hear From Cashflowsforyou Clients


“While I was initially skeptical about the benefit of a dedicated cashflow review and system, separate from my regular accounting and financial reporting, I was pleasantly surprised. Here’s why: Where I see my financials in a segmented way, CashFlowsForYou gives you the overall or big picture view, so my understanding of “how much money there is” completely changed. This understanding created a positive shift for me in how I approach financial management in my company.” Read more

Leticia Mooney

“Finance is not my strong point. Being a new sole trader, all things financial can be overwhelming. The systems that Louise has set up has provided me a better understanding of cash and liquidity and allowed me to work on my cashflow improvement goals. Our monthly check-in also ensures that I am on track. Totally recommend this business service for small business survival.” Read more

Mark Muller

“Never ever, since I have been using the service of Cash Flows for You, have I ever gone to bed worrying about money. The cash flow management tool that we are utilising in our business has helped to predict and plan for cash outflows and understand our cashflow drivers – thank you!” Read more

Nicole Lethlean

“Engaging Louise from Cash Flow for You” has been absolutely phenomenal. It has allowed me, as a business owner, to get a better understanding of the most granular view of my money moving in and out of my business and instils financial discipline. It instils confidence that this tool generates results that are as close to reality as possible and Louise explains how to make tangible business decisions showing where to spend and allowing, scale & leverage in my business.”Let’s face it cash is King !!Read more hidden text Read more

Marie Drever

Love your work!! Never been clearer about my financials. It’s great to have a clear snapshot of where I am at and my “crystal ball” into the future. Thanks team Jay Chapman.


Cashflowsforyou is a life saver. The trusted expertise of Louise has allowed me to get back to doing what I am good at and can stop stressing about my numbers and not being on top of my cash flow. Read more

Richard Timpson

Director & Immigration Lawyer

I thought a buffer was for the rich and cash flow forecasting for those with cash… What I didn’t realise until working with cashflowsforyou, was that I had cash I was just spending it at the wrong time and in the wrong places. Now I am fully aware of my cash movement and am able to use this knowledge to make smarter, less risky decisions in my business. Read more

Brie Reichman


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Cash Flow Worksheet

This easy to use worksheet is like a crystal ball for your cash flow.

Cash Flow Template

Access our free template to figure out your finances
and sleep easier at night.