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Introducing CashFlowsForYou - Franchise Only Offer
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Franchise Cash Flow Maximiser

Your Business Grows When Your Cash Flows

Managing and understanding business cash flow can be easy!!

CashFlowsForYou Cash Flow Maximiser

Your solution to: 

  • Empower your network with actionable financial insights and useful guidance.
  • Help licensees gain a clear and insightful picture of their business.
  • Help franchisees maximise the profitability and growth potential associated with a well-managed cash flow.
  • Generate substantial ROI for your franchisees and the network as a whole, This may even lead to faster investment in subsequent franchises and help grow the network.

Here’s your opportunity to enhance operations with a valuable tool for franchise or license owners.

CashFlowsForYou data-driven strategies allow your network to understand, manage, and forecast the cash flowing in and out of their business.

The Major Benefits of Cash Flow Forecasting

  1. Gain real-time data that allows you to look to the future of your business, and play out the various ‘what if’ scenarios – helping you realise the future you’re envisioning.
  2. Build greater confidence to enable better decision making so that the business is better equipped to accomplish its goals.
  3. Get the most from your cash flow – you can pay your bills on time, have less write-offs, highlight areas requiring improvement, and see into the future, identifying what funds are due when.

With CashFlowsForYou, each individual franchise or individual licensee can access:

  • A purpose-built system to best identify in and out flows, giving access to the complete cash flow picture.
  • An automated process that saves time and stress in tracking, recording and updating daily cash transactions.
  • A clear visual on cash position fueling greater financial understanding and accuracy.
  • Up-to-date alerts on possible areas of concern to best anticipate and respond to change. 
  • Make better, faster decisions acting on the true story behind the numbers.

This limited time offer will also receive our Top 15 Tips for improving Cash Flow

Designed specifically for franchisees, the Cash Flow Maximiser combines our ‘Build it for You’ + ‘Manage it for You’ services to create the ultimate resource.



Report on findings, offer solutions


Data extraction from bank accounts

Data import
to Cash Map

Weekly reporting & management

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The Cash Flow Maximiser also offers an opportunity for CashFlowsForYou Founder Louise Delaney to:

• Speak at your networking events

• Provide content for social channels on the importance of managing cash flow

• Demonstrate the CashFlowsForYou’s product live or virtually

• Take on trial users and report back to your group on their progress

This limited time offer will also receive our Top 15 Tips for improving Cash Flow