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Let's Get Started

CashFlowsForYou will help you by creating a simple, easy to read cash map that lets you understand how and where your money moves through your business.

We Build It for You

How it works

After we have gotten to know you and your business, CashFlowsForYou will take the steps to securely connect your accounts to our platforms. 

We then set up and share a simple cash map. This displays your cash flow in a way that’s incredibly easy to understand and gives you a much better idea of which direction your business is headed in. 

Think of it as a crystal ball for your finances!

As part of the setup process, we’ll explain to you how to read your past and present cash map, and how to use the information you have to plan your next steps with confidence.

Why Choose CashFlowsForYou?

CashFlowsForYou was created by business owners who wanted a better way to see their exact cash position and to know what laid ahead.

The solution we came up with takes a commonsense approach, showing you real-time figures that you can leverage to make smarter decisions and always have money when you need it. 

With CashFlowsForYou, you’ll sleep better at night, knowing your business is on track for an exciting future.