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CashFlowsForYou will manage your weekly updates and let you know which areas need your attention.


Your money. Managed better.

As a business owner, are you sick of feeling confused about your finances but struggling to find the time to figure everything out?

Your bookkeeper tells you how much people owe you. Your accountant tells you how much you owe the tax department. But how much money do you actually have? 

CashFlowsForYou provides the missing piece of business cash flow management, helping you get an instantly clear picture of your finances. 

With our help, you’ll have the clarity you need to grow a more successful business.

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Find out how CashFlowsForYou can help you get clear on your financial status and say goodbye to the stress of money management.

We Manage It for You

How it works

After getting to know you and your business, we will take the steps to securely connect your accounts to our platforms. 

We will then share with you a simple cash map that displays everything that’s going in and coming out in a way that’s incredibly easy to understand. 

From there, we will touch base with you every week, sharing your numbers and letting you know which areas need attention so your business can stay on top. 

We’re like a personal trainer for your cash, holding you accountable and letting you know your progress on a regular basis. 

Why Choose CashFlowsForYou?

CashFlowsForYou was created by business owners who wanted a better way to see their exact cash position and to know what laid ahead.

The solution we came up with takes a commonsense approach, showing you real-time figures that you can leverage to make smarter decisions and always have money when you need it. 

With CashFlowsForYou, you’ll sleep better at night, knowing your business is on track for an exciting future.