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The missing piece of your business financial management. 

About CashFlowsForYou

You’re a business owner, not a numbers person. The problem is, keeping track of your finances is essential if you want to stay in business. 

The more you know about your money, the easier it will be to plan for the future, whether this means making a comfortable living or expanding to a global empire. 

With CashFlowsForYou, you get regular, at-a-glance updates on your business cash flow. 

You’ll know what’s in the bank, how much is due to come out and how much you’ll need if you want to break even (and then some) next month. 

Our cash map system gives you a plain and simple picture of what you have, what you owe and what people owe you. This information is gold if you want to make informed decisions for better stability and future growth. 

We’re real people and we’re excited to help. Book a free discovery call today to find out more.

Louise Delaney

Our Award Winning Founder & CEO

Following a successful career in Banking, Finance and IT, Louise has been growing and running a law practice for over 10 years, being recognised amongst peers for dramatic turnaround from little profit to consistent profit simply by taking control of cash flow.

After being asked by many other business owners to share her secrets, Louise created CashFlowsForYou, a unique service that helps business owners to untangle their finances, gain clarity around their current status and create a future where they feel in control. 

While relying on technology to support her clients, Louise also takes pride in delivering personal service so you feel like you have someone on your side as you stabilise and grow your business. 

I created CashFlowsForYou to help you clearly see your cash and its rhythm. As a result, you can take control of your money and the decisions you make. Once you start making smart decisions based on honest and real numbers, the stress of running your business will lift and you’ll feel so excited about what’s coming next.” – Louise Delaney. 

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We value: 

Security: So your data and accounts are always safe

Down to earth & Jargon free: So we all have a greater understanding

Real & Reliable: So you can trust you are getting the right information every time

Total Financial Clarity

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